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Key Personnel

Key Personnel


Dato' Sri Mohd Alias Haji Abd. Rahman

Managing Director

Mohd Alias is the driving force behind the success of LLPM. His tenacious, never-say-die and fighting spirit may not endear him to some but have, essentially, made him an effective leader who get the job done. His tough stance on important issues can lead to confrontation but, at the same time, created confidence and often brought the best in others. His business acumen and leadership quality have won the support and goodwill among employees and associates.


Dato' Norsiah Abdullah

Operation Director

Not only Norsiah has been with the company from the very beginning, she was even involved in the industry about a decade earlier. She has hands-on operational and marketing know-how that may surprise even the old hands. Her friendly, cheerful and approachable demeanour has endeared herself and comes handy in marketing and negotiation. The progress of LLPM thus far is by no means a small feat and credit also goes to her for her sheer hardwork.


Abdul Ghani Paijan

General Manager

If Mohd Alias is the General, Ghani is the Lieutenant. He has gone through thick and thin from the very beginning. He work tirelessly to ensure visions and strategies mapped out by the leaders are implemented. He introduces policies and rules to improve efficiency, security, and productivity. Often times, his responsibilities go well beyond the call of duty. Because of his extensive working experience and network of acquaintance, he can normally get things done easily.


Raini Haji Madin

Account Manager

Her portfolio calls for diligence, reliability, decisiveness and speed. Despite being the least experienced member of the management team, Raini has displayed many characteristics of a good accounts manager. Being also responsible for the accounts other companies within the group, she has shown resilient and patience in dealing with numbers and demands of others. In short, she is the face of calmness even during times of distress.