Arrival of A New Reachstacker

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 09:00
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The Kalmar DRF450-60S5M Reachstacker has a maximum lifting capacity of 45MT of containers. The Kalmar DRF450-60S5M Reachstacker has a maximum lifting capacity of 45MT of containers.

Labuan Liberty Port Management Sdn. Bhd. (LLPM) are pleased to announce the arrival of a new Reachstacker at Labuan Liberty Port today.

Over the last decade, the continuous increase in cargo throughput and ship calls has prompted LLPM to implement various initiatives to meet discerning demands of port users.This includes adding the number of modern equipment and machineries to improve productivity and cargo turnaround. Having modern and suitable cargo handling equipment has also resulted in improved safety record and better ships’ turnaround which, in turn, has resulted in savings in port charges incurred for ship operators.

The arrival of the Kalmar DRF450-60S5M Reachstacker today is indeed a welcome addition to the two Reachstackers that are already in operation at the Port. This newly assembled equipment has a maximum lifting capacity of 45MT of containers and would be put to operation at the port immediately. Combined with the capacity of the two existing Reachstackers, forklifts, prime movers and other modern cargo handling equipment, our cargo handling capability will further improve cargo turnaround and handling efficiency. Its delivery is also a further testament of our supplier’s and financier’s confidence on LLPM financial strengths and future in the ever-growing sector.

Labuan Liberty Port has a come a long since LLPM was appointed as a service provider at the Port in 1998. Port operations, customer service, equipment, safety, security, systems and port charges have been streamlined and upgraded. Facilities at the port such as warehouses and container yards have been also been continuously upgraded and repaired.

As our operational responsibilities and functions widen, the number of personnel has also been increased. Staff is trained to improve their skills and knowledge and keep abreast with the latest changes in technology and practices.

LLPM foresee the need to make continuous upgrade to the port facilities to cater for the needs of port users particularly the Oil & Gas industry players. This is in view of efforts to establish Labuan as a major petrochemical hub in the region. Various initiatives are being planned to upgrade basic facilities such as jetty, dedicated terminal and storage area that meet the requirements set by our clients. It is also looking to expand its range of services by teaming up with capable and experienced partners within and outside Labuan.

With all these plans in mind, LLPM is prepared to invest a sum of up to RM50 million into the Port subject to, of course, commitment by the Government to facilitate such investment. We are confident that with such collaboration and initiatives, Labuan would become a dynamic and competitive port and a logistics hub in the region.

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