Technology Implementation


Container e-Tracking System

Using graphical user interface and control system that runs on Windows, it allows real-time update and monitoring of containers that actually landed or transited in Labuan. Ship owners and shipping agents will have instant access to detailed information on their containerised cargo and enable them to advise their clients on various shipment information.

Access Control

Combining barcode and photo verification systems with in house software, this technology enables LLPM to identify and monitor movements of people and vehicles into and out of the port for security purposes electronically and, thus, accurately and efficiently. The system has also enabled us to detect and prevent unauthorised entry and compile data on trend of movements of port users.

Cargo Information And Documentation System (CIDS)

By using an in-house software and harnessing the power of Internet, our backroom office, frontline counter and warehouse personnel are able to record, update, check and communicate data with each other remotely to ensure more efficient processing of relevant documents and release of cargo stored at the storage area. It provides vital statistics on type and volume of cargo handled by the port on periodical basis which, to a certain extent, can be used to gauge economic activities in Labuan.

Interactive Website

The website provides vital information on the company and the port as well as the container tracking system. Regular updates and improvements are made to enhance its value for port and other users.

Digital CCTV

The ICT Department has assisted in the setting up of digital CCTV system for the Security Control Centre which enabled officers to view recordings captured by the cameras remotely on the monitors set up in the office. This has also enabled the operations department instant view of cargo handling operations at wharf and storage areas without stepping out of the office.